Vertical Sommerlauf, Programm


The Vertical Sommerlauf is definitely taking place - in a «2020 Special Edition» version.

Protection Concept for Competitors: PDF

Participant declaration: Download PDF (will be sent with the start number).


Due to the extraordinary circumstances, there are some changes regarding start times, program and running routes! Please inform yourself carefully (see below).

Program adjustments

DateSaturday August 15th, 2020
1 pm, every 5 Minutes are starting 25 runners together (total of 250 people)
PlaceParking Place Signalbahn, St. Moritz
8,1 Km / 900 Höhenmeter
Finish Corviglia mountain station
RegistrationJuly 9th until august 3rd 2020 (as long as free slots are available)

Location map: Link to the start

Location map: Link to the finish


Start Signal parking Skihaus Pitsch- Salet Skiunterführung-Alpin- Salastrains-alters Skilifthaus- Masten9 Skiunterführungen-Munt da San Murezzan-Corviglia Bergstation

Protective measures

  • Participation: Participation in the race is at the personal responsibility of the individual participants.
  • Wearing a face mask: All participants receive a face mask free of charge at the start / finish. It is currently being checked whether wearing a face mask at start and finish is mandatory!
  • Entry start: Entry is only allowed 30 minutes prior to the start of the race and only with the respective start number. Please note your exact start time. Participants who start earlier do not have access to the starting area.
  • Disinfectants: These are available free of charge in the start and finish area as well as at the refreshment posts.
  • Person tracking: Every participant must fill out a form at the start and give their consent to the contact data collection. In addition, each participant must assure that he / she is healthy and has no symptoms of illness.
  • Privacy: The necessary contact details will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used in connection with an illness. All contact details will be irrevocably deleted 3 weeks after the event (if not used).

Arrival to the starting area

  • Individual arrival: No extra buses are made available at the start. Please use public transport. You can find information here. Please note the protective measures recommended by the transport company. It is mandatory to wear a mask in public transport.

Starting area

  • Toilets: are available in the starting area.
  • No refreshment stand/post
  • Dressing rooms: There are no dressing rooms in the starting area.
  • Companions: Are not allowed in the start and finish area.
  • Spectator: Spectators are asked to cheer on the runners on the course and not go to the start or finish areas.
  • Walking sticks: are only allowed for the Vertical Sommerlauf.

Start number

  • Registration deadline: Registrations are possible until august 3rd 2020 (as long as free slots are available).
  • Shipping: The start numbers will be sent to your address 2 weeks before the run. The start number must be taken to the start. Participants without a start number cannot start. Participants, which are registred after 30th of july 2020 receive their starting number at the info-Point at the Start.  Important: If you have changed your address, please contact the Sommerlauf office immediately (
  • Late registrations: No late registrations are possible at the start. People without a start number are not allowed to join. 


  • Transport: Effects transport from the start to the finish is available, the effects must be handed in 20 minutes before the start.


  • Limited number: A single refreshment post will be provided on the Vertical Summer Run route at "Masten 9". Carrying a water bottle or a running backpack is recommended. The organizer assumes no liability and appeals to the personal responsibility of all participants. Disinfectant is available at the refreshment post.
  • No refreshment post at the start: No refreshments are offered at the start.
  • Refreshments finish are: Delivery of a food package sponsored by Migros and be-the-change. There are no further offers at the finish.

Finish area Corviglia mountain station

Finish at Corviglia: last passing at 4.50 pm (last passing "Masten 9" at 3.20 pm)

At the finish line, each runner receives:

  • Finish gift
  • Food package (bag with Migros products and be-the-change)
  • Their effects

Important: All runners leave the finish immediately after receiving the finish prize and proceed home with the mountain railway to the valley.

  • No Pasta Party
  • No dressing rooms and showers at the finish: The participants are asked to leave the finish area immediately after the finish and to start the journey home. No groups of people will be tolerated at the finish.
  • Train journey: The train journey from Corviglia mountain station to St. Moritz is free of charge for participants (upon presentation of a start number) or included in the entry fee. Please note that wearing a mask is mandatory in public transport.
  • Spectators: Spectators are asked to cheer on the runners on the course and not go to the start or finish areas.

Award ceremony

  • No award ceremony: This year's award ceremony is unfortunately canceled. Prizes will be raffled among all participants. These will be sent to your address by post.
  • No division of categories
  • Ranking list: The target time is determined by Datasport. The times will be published online on Datasport and our website after the event.

Entry fee: From July 9 th to august 3rd, 2020 CHF 60.00 (55 EUR).

More Services

  • Photo service: Participant photos are taken by Sportograf, Link.
  • Finish prize: The finish prize (T-shirt) can be accepted at the finish (with identification of the start number). No trying on of the T-shirts allowed.


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