Engadiner Sommerlauf 20,6 Km + 280 Hm

More refreshing than the Maloja wind!

Engadiner Sommerlauf, 25km
Competition regulations
By registering for the Engadiner Sommerlauf, you automatically agree to the competition regulations. If nothing specific is written, the provisions apply to the Engadiner Sommerlauf, Muragl-Lauf as well as the Vertical Sommerlauf.

Evaluation according to age groups
-> (Special-Edition 2020 no division of categories)

Juniors Born 2001 - 2004
Women/Men 1 Born 1991 - 2000
Women/Men 2 Born 1981 - 1990
Women/Men 3 Born 1971 - 1980
Women/Men 4 Born 1961 - 1970

Juniors Born 2001 - 2006 250m (fun course 1 child + 1 adult)
Women/Men 1 Born 1981 - 2000 250m (Fun-Parcours)
Women/Men 2 Born 1961 - 1980 750m (including fun course)
Women/Men 3 Born 1951 - 1960 2km
Women/Men 4 Born 1950 and older

Eichhörnli Born 2016 and younger
Mungga Born 2014 - 2015
Bambi Born 2011 - 2013
Gemsli Born 2008 - 2010
Steinböck Born 2006 - 2007

Juniors Born 2001 - 2004
Women/Men 1 Born 1991 - 2000
Women/Men 2 Born 1981 - 1990
Women/Men 3 Born 1971 - 1980
Women/Men 4 Born 1961 - 1970

Eligible to participate

Engadiner Sommerlauf: Women and men born in 2004 and earlier. Muragl-Lauf / Vertical Sommerlauf: women and men born in 2006 and earlier. Kids Race: girls and boys born in 2006 and later.

Start number
The start number is personal and must be worn on your chest, visible and unfolded at all times. Changes to the start number may lead to disqualification.

Cancellation / non-participation
When registering online via Datasport, you have the option of taking out cancellation insurance. In the event of illness or accident, you can apply for a refund by submitting a medical certificate to Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG. If the application is accepted, you will automatically receive a Datasport voucher for the insured amount.

Contact cancellation insurance:
Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG
Steinengraben 28, Postfach, 4003 Basel
Tel: 061 275 27 27, Fax: 061 275 27 30, schaden@erv.ch

If you have not taken out cancellation insurance and you are prevented from starting due to an accident or illness, you can request a credit for the entry fee for the following year by submitting a doctor's certificate (no refund). The application together with the medical certificate must be submitted to the run office by the end of September. If participation is not possible in the following year, this free start will not apply. It is not possible to return money.


If you are unable to participate, you can have your starting place transferred to a substitute named by you. If you change your registration before July 26, 2020, this is free of charge. After this date, re-registrations are only possible at the start number issue and a fee of CHF 25.- / € 22.- will be charged.

Equipment (Vertical Sommerlauf)

The finish of the Vertical Sommerlauf is at Corviglia at approx. 2,500 m above sea level. You should select the racing clothing accordingly and adapt it to the weather conditions on site. Warm clothes can be brought along with the effects transport to the target platform. Carrying a light rain jacket might be necessary depending on the weather. Nordic walking sticks are only allowed for the Vertical Sommerlauf.

Time limits

The broom car (bike for the Engadiner Sommerlauf / Muragl-Lauf and last runner for the Vertical Sommerlauf) marks the official end of the race. This coincides with the time limit. If you run behind the broom car, you will no longer be ranked.

There are defined last passing times for the 20,6 km route in St. Moritz and Pontresina:

  • St. Moritz, indoor pool: 1.00 pm
  • Pontresina, youth hostel: 2.00 pm

If you cannot meet these time limits, you will be taken out of the race and will not be ranked.

The time limits for fnishing are as follows:

Engadiner Sommerlauf: 3.00 pm
  • Muragl-Lauf:  11.15 am (10.30 am at Punt Muragl)
  • Vertical Sommerlauf: 4.50 pm (3.20 pm at Masten 9)

Personal responsibilty / health

Your participation is at your own risk and responsibility. As a participant, you are responsible for your health, your training status and the equipment itself. It is required that you;
  • dress according to the weather conditions and protect yourself from rain, cold and sun
  • stop the race as soon as it threatens to pose a health risk to you
  • behave in an environmentally friendly manner and do not litter
  • provide other participants with first aid if they have an accident or experience health problems.

The altitude of 1,500 m above sea level can make special demands on your state of health. If you feel sick and feverish in the days leading up to the Engadiner Sommerlauf, you should refrain from participating. It is recommended to drink enough fluids during and after the run. Medical personnel can take participants out of the race at any time if health problems are identified. Medical posts are provided by the Upper Engadin Samaritan associations and are located at the food post and at the finish. In the event of accidents, weaknesses or other incidents, please find the nearest checkpoint (with radio) immediately and request help. Medical emergency number 144.


The organizer offers you and all other participants the highest possible level of security by taking appropriate measures depending on the conditions at race time. They are entitled, at short notice and without an entry fee refund to;
  • make route changes
  • interrupt the race and continue again
  • cancel the race

The applies to all races and/or categories arranged by the organizer.


You must not leave the officially marked route. Shortcuts are not permitted and will lead to disqualification. The instructions of the route personnel must be followed.

Dogs, strollers, baby joggers etc. as well as accompanying on foot or by bicycle are not allowed on the running course during the competition. Carrying unauthorized objects / animals will also lead to disqualification.


-> (Special-Edition 2020 - there is no sprint)

Engadiner Sommerlauf: Near Surlej / Silvaplana, at approximately the 5k mark, the “Skiservice Corvatsch“ Sprint takes place. The fastest runners (male and female) in the sprint will receive a prize from the Corvatsch ski service. Sprint prizes will only be given to runners who reach the finish in Samedan.

Muragl-Lauf: Kategorie Nordic Walking/Walking

-> (Special-Edition 2020 No Nordic Walking categories. Walking sticks are not allowed for the Muragl-Lauf)

You cannot run in the Nordic Walking / Walking category (Muragl-Lauf). We appeal to the fairness of all participants!

Kids-Race: Categorie Squirrel (Muki/Vaki)

-> (Special-Edition 2020 - there is no Kids Race)

In the squirrel (Muki / Vaki) category, one parent runs this fun course (approx. 250 m) along with their child.


Datasport AG is responsible for the official time measurement and data processing.

Engadiner Sommerlauf/Muragl-Lauf: Using the timing chip attached to the start number, you trigger the timing when you cross the start line. When crossing the finish line, the time is stopped again automatically (net time measurement).

Vertical Sommerlauf: The start time is from 1 pm. Every 5 minutes 25 runners are starting together (net time measurement).

Award ceremony

  • No award ceremony: This year's award ceremony is unfortunately canceled. Prizes will be raffled among all participants. These will be sent to your address by post.
  • No division of categories
  • Ranking list: The target time is determined by Datasport. The times will be published online on Datasport and our website after the event.


Sportsmanlike behavior is expected. Disqualifications will result in unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. non-passage of checkpoints, shortcuts, accompaniment on foot or by bike, use of aids such as sticks (exception: Vertical Sommerlauf), disregard of official instructions, doping) or the willful use of incorrect personal information (name, year of birth). Give your personal start number to another person without observing the official re-registration procedure is also not permitted. Protests must be submitted to the race director in writing no later than 30 minutes after finishing. A processing fee of CHF 30.00 will be charged, which must be paid immediately and will be refunded if the protest is approved.


Engadiner Sommerlauf: The current Swiss Olympic doping statute applies. Doping controls can be carried out. By participating, you submit to the anti-doping rules of Swiss Olympic and acknowledge the exclusive competence of the disciplinary commission for doping cases of Swiss Olympic and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne, excluding the ordinary courts. See also  www.antidoping.ch.


Whenever possible, the organizer will inform you of organizational measures before the start of the event. The instructions of the organizer must be followed. In the event of violations, also during the race, which disrupt the proper course of the event or endanger your safety or that of other participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the person concerned from the event and / or to disqualify them. Changes that are announced by the organizer on the Internet at www.engadiner-sommerlauf.ch or in writing until the race start are part of the contract. This also includes changes that are announced by the organizer before or during the race.


By registering, you agree to Datasport's privacy policy. You have the right to request Datasport to delete and restrict the use of personal data and to object to such processing of personal data in writing. The organizer also reserves the right, unless there is a written notification, to publish the pictures and videos recorded during the run and to pass them on to sponsors on request.


Verein Engadiner Sommerlauf

Quadratscha 18, Postfach 278, 7503 Samedan



Tel. +41 81 851 60 80.

The place of jurisdiction is St. Moritz.

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