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Engadiner Sommerlauf, Akkreditierung
Registration & Accreditation
I start with the following run:
Registration form must be sent by June 31st, 2020 at the latest.

We ask the media representatives to send their accreditation to the address below. Media professionals receive all information about the Engadiner Sommerlauf, the field of participants, the organization etc. at the following times:

Saturday, 3 pm: Restorant Promulins, Promulins-Arena Samedan

Sunday, 9.00 am: At the start number distribution, school building Sils, in the Restorant Promulins at the finish area, a public WIFI is available. For special requests and interview requests, we ask for notification on the form or by phone.

Press Office Engadiner Sommerlauf:

Engadiner Sommerlauf

Claudia Vogt

Quadratscha 18

Postfach 287

CH-7503 Samedan


Mobile: +41 (0)79 943 90 23

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